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Custom Synthesis on all Scales


1 . Lab-scale

Synthesis of Novel Compounds from grams to kilos
FDC was founded in 2001 by ChemiK and the Institute of Applied Chemistry at Fudan University, one of the best university in chemistry in China. Since then FDC has been actively involved in lab-scale synthesis, technical support to scale-up synthesis and R&D for ChemiK. FDC's strength lies in its capabilities in synthesis of novel compounds, especially for small molecule compounds and in chemical process development.

Our state-of-art facilities cover an area of 1000 square meters, with 30 well- equipped laboratories, which could house up to 60 chemists across a number of disciplines including parallel synthesis and organic research .

Teamwork, scientific excellence and a "can-do" attitude are fundamental values of FDC. Headed by a professor who has been educated overseas, the team of 28 chemists which consists of 4 PHDs and 6 masters has a sound track record in sythesizing difficult compounds.

Core Expertise:

Core Expertise

Case Study

Building blocks:

2,500-3,000 compounds per year

5g-20g and 3-5 steps each

Routes provided by customers or developed in-house

Special Reagents


Key Intermediates


Multi-step complex synthesis

16 steps, 1g each, 72 weeks

R&D for scale-up in Kilo-Lab and Pilot Plant


FTE contract research

2 MSs and 2 BSs assigned for an U.S. Bio-tech company


2 . Scale up

Cost-effective scale-up from kilos to multi-tons

Our kilo lab in Changzhou is one of the largest one in China. 35 chemists are working in a 1500-sqm kilo lab.Currently we make about 500-600 new compounds per year. Our pilot plant and large-scale manufacturing facility ( currently under construction and to be complete at the end of 2007) are located in Jiangsu which are capable of manufacturing up to multi-tons scale to meet your requirements.

* 1,000+ compounds which are already scaled up at least 1 kilo and exclusively manufactured by ChemiK in China.
* An integrated solution-starts from literature reasearch at lab and scale up to kilo or multi-tons manufacture in a timely, confidential and cost-effective manner.
* Strength chemistry includes Substituted benzene ring and Heterocyclics.
* Novel compound synthesis.

* New pharmaceutical & agrichemical intermediates.
* Strength reactions: Grignard reactions, Butyl Lithium reactions, Aminolysis and Hydrogenation, Bromination, Chlorination, Cyanations, Phosgene/Fluoro/POC13.

Core Expertise:

Kio Lab

Pilot Plant

Multi-Kilo scale UP to multi-ton scale
Key intermediates for building block Process optimization to manufacturing
Novel compounds Pharmaceutial intermediates
Special Reagents Agrichemical intermediates


3 . APIs

For the past two year, we have been devoted to R&D, process development and process optimization for APIs. Currently we are capable of manufacturing 10-Hydroxycamptothecin (HCPT) and 7-Ethyl-10-hydroxycamptothecin (SN-38) on multi-kilo scale and lower costs. For more information, please check APIs.

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