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Chemik is built on its commitment on quality.:

  • QA oversees all aspects of raw materials, quality and production.
  • A comprehensive QA system is built upon standard operation procedures, documentation, follow-ups and assessments.
  • A QA is present in every shift of production to ensure adherence to production documentation, performance, equipment calibration, and employee training.
  • Stringent quality control applies throughout the R&D and manufacturing process, supported by QC equipment in-house.
  • An overview of Analytical Facilities:

  • JOEL 400M NMR
  • Bruker 500M NMR
  • IR-Raman spectrometer
  • Agilent HPLC
  • Vario EI III Elemental Analyzer
  • GC-MS Spectrometer
  • LC-MS Spectrometer
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