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Chemik Co. Ltd., founded in China in 1996, is a chemstry-based manufacturer specialized in custom synthesis of intermediates for drug discovery and API production, especially in small molecule compounds. For projects from discovery to preclinical, phase 1-3 or up to launch, we have the existing capacity, technological expertise and equipment to handle synthesis at each step.

One of our core expertises is that we will provide you an integrated solution which takes the entirety of your project into account before we begin to make the first single gram for you. As part of the integrated process, we develop and refine processes; we take care of scale-up; we also address to such issues as raw materials cost and sourcing. And most important of all, we could do this as fast and as cheap as anyone in the market. For API production, we will provide a seamless knowledge-transfer from small trial to kilo or up to multi-tons in a timely, confidential and cost-effctive manner.

Our core strengh chemistry includes Substituted benzene rings and heterocyclics. We have over 1,000 products listed on our catalogue which are exclusively manufactured by ChemiK in China.Please drop us the structure or CAS# of the compound you desire and we will make that for you.

Core Business:

  • Custom Sythesis
  • Custom Manufacture for intermediates and APIs
  • Contract services by project or FTE
  • Sourcing starting materials

We are a Custom Synthesis specialist for you, no matter you are a small Biotech company or a global pharma.


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