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ChemiK's business has been built around its unique chemistry skills and experiences in Non-GMP custom synthesis for small molecule compounds, especially in heterocyclic compounds and substituted benzene rings. With our experiences in the synthesis of more than 3000 compounds which are only available by ChemiK in China, we could synthesize a very challenging compound on a scale ranging from 1g to multi-tons at a competitive price in 4-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the project.

Besides our capability in synthesis, our strength lies more on our ability to provide an integrated solution for our clients starting from literature research at lab, process development, process optimization, scale-up or up to commericially manufacturing. We will take everything into consideration including raw materials sourcing, cost reduction and QC. We guarantee the best price, superior quality and on-time delivery.

Our products are not limited to those listed on our catalogue. Our innovative chemists have a proven record of synthesizing novel compounds. Currently we develop 500-600 new compounds per year.You are welcome to try us if you could not find a ready supplier in the market. You could supply us with your synthetic route; or like many of our customers do, provide us your desired structure and leave ChemiK to devise innovative solutions and provide end products.

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